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Pather P.I. was officially granted a Utah agency in 2012. A solid partnership of trusted colleagues working together with combined knowledge and experience to bring the brightest minds and talents under one roof. Our combined federal and local resource base gives our clients the best chance for a positive outcome. Our networking and relationships build over years of public service give us a unique advantage. We know the right people in the right places to get things done efficiently and cost-effectively. We have extensive experience in background checks and getting the justice you seek.

Allen Rich

Dr. Rob Throup

Peggy Faulkner

Kelly Shafto

Brent Robbins

Isaac Atencio

Brett Magleby

Brett Magleby

Panther Investigation is dedicated to discovering the truth. We are experienced, committed professional investigators who believe in safeguarding the legal rights of our clients. We are dedicated to serving the needs of our clients and will never violate our ethics, values, or integrity. We stand behind each and every investigation and are devoted to excellence as our standard. We provide an interactive approach by communicating with our clients and preferring honest, respectful, discreet, and complete investigations. We honor each client with confidentiality and strive to be sensitive to their individual financial and case-driver needs.


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Panther Team

Meet The Team

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