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Kelly Shafto joined Panther Investigations after a 20-year career in Law Enforcement. Kelly has held several investigative positions including narcotics, burglary, theft, and financial crimes. Mrs. Shafto has investigated large scale embezzlements, drug trafficking operations and cybercrime organizations. Kelly has also conducted both state and federal investigation including wire taps, surveillance both physical and digital. Kelly was also a member of the Identity Theft Task Force where she was cross-designated as a United States Marshall. Kelly has certifications in National Computer Forensics Institute, Third Degree Communication Interview and interrogations, Financial Industry Regulatory Authority and the Department of Commerce. Kelly was also an instructor with the Unified Police Department for police officer’s instruction for Hazmat, narcotics along with fraud and forgery. Kelly also enacted a law with the 2018 Utah Legislation the identity theft laboratory. Kelly was also a field training officer with both the Unified Police Department and the Salt Lake County Sheriff’s Office.

Kelly is a recipient of several awards and commendations, such as Office of year twice, The Chief’s award, Unit of the year, The Sheriff’s Star and Utah Narcotics Officer of the year. Kelly is forensics examiner for Cellebrite system. She is certified as Cellebrite Certified Physical Analyst for the UFED touch 2 system. Kelly Shafto has conducted examinations and extractions for cellular phones, mass storage, SD cards and drones.

Kelly Shafto

VP Criminal Investigations

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