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Isaac Atencio is a retired 30 year Law enforcement professional. Issac is the current President of the Utah Gang Investigators Association. Isaac had oversight of the Investigations Bureau to include the following; Homicide - (D/A OIS Protocol Team), Special Victims Unit, Domestic Violence Unit, Robbery Unit, Financial Crimes Unit, Retail Theft Unit, Property Crimes Unit, Pawn Detail, Auto Theft Unit, Metro Gang Task Force, School Resource Officer Program, Major Accident Unit (CAR VPA team), Crime Lab Facility and Evidence.

Board member for Family Justice Center, Children's Justice Center, Salt Lake Area Gang Project and Governors DMC Committee (Disproportionate Minority Contact Committee).

Oversight of the Special Operation Functions of the Salt Lake City Police Department. S.W.A.T Commander, Gang Unit Commander, Solo Motor Squad, S.C.I.D. (Serious Collision Investigation Detail), Hit and Run, K-9 Unit, Public Order Unit Commander and School Resource Officer Program.

Isaac Atencio


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