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Brett received his Bachelor of Arts in Political Science and Public administration from the University of Utah. Brett joined Salt Lake County Sheriff’s Office in 1990 and later joined the Unified Police Department. In over 24 years of public service, Brett held numerous prestigious positions with his tenure as a Law enforcement officer specializing in units dealing with high profile criminal investigations involving gangs and serious youth offenders. Brett was the founding member of the Salt Lake County Gang Suppression Unit and developed implemented tracking and identification policy and procedures. Brett served as the state wide consultant for the implementation of the Serious Habitual Offenders Comprehensive Action Program (SHOCAP). Brett participated in the establishment of the SHOCAP program on a local and national level. In addition, Brett worked in crime analysis and community outreach programs. Brett also worked as an Internal affairs (IA) investigator for his department for over 5 years.

Brett Magleby


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