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VerifEye, the latest innovation from Converus, is the ultimate solution for accurate, on-the-go and convenient lie detection, now available for secure download on your Apple or Android mobile device and self-administered via the certified team at Panther Investigations.With its state-of-the-art technology and scientifically-validated algorithms, VerifEye enables you to conduct reliable lie detector tests in the palm of your hand. Access to the app is easy, affordable and secure, with a download link sent straight to your email and discreet results available via email or online.Whether you’re law enforcement, an attorney, employer, investigator, or simply seeking the truth in a personal matter - VerifEye provides the fast and accurate answers you need, without the hassle of in-person tests. Trust in the inventors of EyeDetect and experience the power of VerifEye today!Submit our Free Consultation form or click below to get started!

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  • Organizations initiate a process to create a test online and send a unique link by text or email to the test taker. Clicking that link launches the VerifEye app on the test taker’s Android or iPhone.

  • Tests are self-administered on a mobile phone. Instructions on how to take the test are given with a short tutorial video. Test takers spend another 5 minutes verbally answering questions. The camera records eye behaviors, the speaker asks questions, and the mic records answers.


    When the test is finished, the test taker’s answers to questions and eye measurements areanalyzed and scored, indicating truthfulness (or not) 

  • Test results are scored by a logistic regression algorithm with 80% accuracy. It considers pupil dilation, eye movements, blinks, and more. Dr. John Kircher, co-inventor of the digital polygraph, has developed polygraph and ocular scoring systems since the 1990’s.

  • Authorized users can get test results in a web-based dashboard or by email. A Converus Credibility Score shows the probability the person was truthful.

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