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Forensic Interviewing: Provider of child forensic interviews in child abuse/witness cases while employed by the Salt Lake County Sheriff’s Office and the Unified Police Department. Worked with other investigative professionals, child advocacy centers and district attorneys to conduct interviews with victims of child abuse or witnesses of traumatic events. Strictly followed nationally recognized forensic guidelines, and conducted interviews that were neutral, non-leading and age-appropriate. Interviews and testimony have withstood court scrutiny and demonstrated superior understanding in challenging and complex case prosecution.

Work Experience: Employed as a Law Enforcement Officer for 25 years. Held a variety of positions during this time to include Patrol Officer, DARE Officer, Public Information Officer, and ten-year experience as Detective in the Special Victims Unit and School Resource Officer. As Special Victims Unit and School Resource Officer interviewed hundreds of children using the Children’s Justice Center Forensic Interview Guidelines. While in this job was asked by other specialty units within my agency as well as other agencies, such as the FBI (Federal Bureau Investigation) and out of state police agencies to interview children who had witnessed homicides and other traumatic events. In these jobs I also interviewed suspects, wrote and served search warrants and in many cases have followed through to completion, which was prosecution and many times testifying in court.

Peggy Faulkner

Child Sex Crimes Manager

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