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At Panther Security & Investgations, your trusted partner in safeguarding your interests – we’re now offering a multi-domain screening service that can be tailored to meet your needs, ensuring thorough and reliable application and background checks.


Whether you're recruiting for sensitive positions, conducting due diligence on potential partners, or screening applicants for law enforcement roles, our screening solution can provide unmatched depth and accuracy. You can rest assured knowing that every aspect of your screening process is handled with precision and confidentiality.

Some key features of our multi-domain screening services include:
• Criminal History Checks: Comprehensive checks across local, state, and federal databases to identify any criminal records.
• Tenancy screening: Evaluate potential renters' rental history, employment, and criminal background to assess their suitability as tenants, ensuring landlords minimize risks and maintain property standards. (credit report not currently included)
• Employment Verification: Detailed verification of past employment history and credentials to validate applicants' professional backgrounds.
• Education Verification: Thorough examination of educational qualifications to confirm the authenticity of degrees and certifications.
• Financial History Analysis: Examination of financial records to assess an individual's financial responsibility and integrity.
• Social Media Screening: Scrutiny of social media profiles to gain insights into an applicant's character, behavior, and online presence.
• Specialized Screening for Law Enforcement: Tailored screening processes specifically designed to meet the rigorous standards of law enforcement agencies, ensuring the highest level of suitability and trustworthiness.

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