William Facer retired from the Federal Bureau of Investigations after 23 years of service. He served as adjunct faculty for the FBI Academy and provided worldwide training in Leadership, Criminal Investigations, Communications and Interview & Interrogation. He was instrumental in the development of the FBI’s Instructor Development Program and Leadership Program. William conducted Leadership Development globally at the International Law Enforcement Academy in Budapest and Federal Police academies in Brazil, Panama, Barbados, South Africa and Trinidad and Tobago.


William spearheaded a multi-national intelligence sharing group where he supervised coordinators, Task Force officers and intelligence analysts at FBI Headquarters in Washington DC. William’s experience also includes coordinating a multi-agency drug task force, working homicides, sexual assaults, white collar crimes, handling all media issues as the Public Information Officer for a three state region, and serving on a SWAT team as a Sniper/Observer.

William received his Bachelor of Science in Accounting from Utah State University. He has received several FBI Instructor certifications which include: Firearms, Tactical and Defensive Tactics, Rappel Master, and Hazmat Response Technician. William was awarded the FBI’s Master Instructor award, which is given to a select number of instructors for their contribution and excellence in training law enforcement worldwide.


Supervisory Special Agent – FBIHQ, Washington, DC William served on the National Joint Terrorism Task Force and managed an international intelligence sharing initiative working directly with all Federal, State and Local Correctional Institutions within the USA and multiple countries. William supervised the activities of over 56 coordinators nationwide and six Task Force Officers and Intelligence Analysts.


William coordinated Multi-agency task forces and utilized all investigative techniques to obtain evidence for the prosecution of narcotic traffickers and fugitives. Conducted investigations of violent crimes to include homicides, assaults and sexual assaults. Coordinated all activities related to the intelligence gathering in national security issues and served as the Weapons of Mass Destruction Coordinator for the State of Montana. Developed liaison contacts with all agencies that had investigative jurisdiction in national security matters. Established liaison contacts with all critical infrastructure areas and conducted risk assessments in these areas. Investigated computer crimes and white collar crimes. Developed and led a State Wide Bank Fraud Working Group.


Served on the SWAT team as a Sniper/Observer and worked closely with the protection details of USA dignitaries.


As an FBI Instructor William taught: Investigative Techniques; International Terrorism; Domestic Terrorism; Counter Terrorism; Corruption; White Collar Crime; Money Laundering; Major Case Management; Leadership; Interview and Interrogation; Instructor Development; Stress Management; Task Force Management; Homicide Investigation; Weapons of Mass Destruction; Firearms/Tactics; Sniper/Observer; Defensive Tactics.


William has taught in numerous locations internationally and within the United States and was instrumental in the development of the FBI’s Instructor Development Program and Leadership Development Program
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