Juan T. Becerra brings a unique set of knowledge, skills and abilities to Panther Security and Investigations. Becerra brings real world experience in investigations ranging from a simple child custody case to a homicide, racketeering case as well as complex white collar crime investigations. With over 20+ years of investigative experience as a Special Agent with the Federal Bureau of Investigation (FBI) in three field offices and in international assignments. Becerra is a certified FBI Crisis Negotiator as well as having served as the FBI field coordinator for the National Center for the Analysis of Violent Crime (NCAVC) for over 10 years.


In addition, Becerra also teaches criminal justice classes at Salt Lake Community College and Utah Valley University. Becerra has also worked in the world of armed private security for Questar Corporation as well as the Corporate Security Manager for O.C. Tanner Company. Becerra also has experience in assessing, developing and implementing security processes, security camera placement, and dealing with external and internal threat assessments, vulnerability assessments and hostile employee terminations/internal theft investigations by employees. Juan also teaches and is certified as a Utah Concealed Firearms Permit Instructor and regularly teaches classes and tactics to private citizens.

Becerra also teaches and is certified as a Utah Concealed Firearms Permit Instructor and regularly teaches classes and tactics to private citizens.


Utah Valley University, August 2014 — Present
Adjunct Professor

Teach Criminal Profiling and Special Topics in Criminal Justice classes in the Criminal Justice program at Utah Valley University (UVU).


Salt Lake Community College, August 2015 — Present
Adjunct Professor

Teach Criminal Law, Introduction toCriminology, Criminal Investigation, Introductionto the Criminal Justice System classes for the Criminal Justice Program for Salt Lake Community College.


KORR Defense Company, January 2014 — June 2015
Director of Investigations

Lead, screen, directand analyzeall new investigations. Coordinate investigativeefforts with each client, working within their prescribed budget to meet their investigative needs. Producing a superior investigation and reports that will reflect a return on investment. Directly leading staff and advising executive management of the deliverable product required by each client. Assuring client satisfaction is met through mutual cooperation and service.


XGM LLC, December 2013 — Present

XGM LLC provides corporate security consulting for businesses, corporations, individuals and law firms. XGM provides intelligence reports, training, risk and threat assessments, and security audits throughout the intermountain west. XGM also consults with the local media providing timely and accurate information. By using a network of law enforcement contacts, XGM helps its clients to navigate through thelocal, state and federal criminal justice systems. XGM also contracts and provides retired federal law enforcement agents to teach firearms training and tactics and Utah Concealed Weapons licensing in various venues throughout Utah.


O.C. Tanner Company, December 2010 — Dec 2013
Manager of CorporateSecurity

Manage all corporate and retail security throughout the company. Supervising a full- time staff of (8) armed officers, (4) unarmed security receptionists, (3) part time employees and (16) off duty police officers working our retail stores on a part-time basis. Responsible for all day to day operations including but not limited to: scheduling, process policy development, training, and budgeting and performance evaluations and coaching of all security team employees. Developing andinvestigatingloss/theft investigations, executingcorporate initiatives relativeto asset accountability throughout the company and in all facilities including manufacturingcells, retail stores and warehouses. Maintain and secure all company fleet vehicles. Initiate strategic, long term planning of all security assets including the deployment of all close circuit television surveillance, access control, and physical security of all company buildings and facilities. Interface with local, federal and state lawenforcement entities. Develop liaisons between sources of information relative to the safety and security of the company including intelligence groups, risk and threats relativetothe industry.


Federal Bureau of Investigation (FBI), June 1989
Special Agent

Violent Crimes: Recruit and develop sources of intelligence used to develop criminal investigations in relation to all violent crimes such as kidnappings, bank robberies, initiated RICO violent street gang investigations, murders for hire, serial homicide matters, violent fugitive arrests, etc. Coordinate investigative efforts with otherfederal, state and local law enforcement agencies. Use these sources to develop information and gather evidence against the subjects of those investigations. After gathering enough evidence to sustain a federal prosecution, present the case to the U.S. Attorney’s Office for prosecution in U.S. District Court. Work in conjunction withthe U.S Attorney to shepherd cases through the Federal Grand Jury process and the jury trial system to shepherd cases through the Federal Grand Jury process and the jurytrial system. White Collar Crime: Recruit and develop sources of intelligence used to developcriminal investigations in relation to public corruption, healthcare fraud, securities fraud, and bank fraud and embezzlement matters. Used these sources to develop information and gather evidence against the subjects of those investigations. After gathering enough evidence to sustain a federal prosecution a presentation would be prepared to deliver to the U.S. Attorney’s Office for prosecution in U.S. District Court. Worked in conjunction with the U.S Attorney. Was successful in prosecuting systemic corruption case relating to extortion of federal inmates in a federal halfway house in Salt Lake City.


Media Coordinator/Spokesman: Coordinate requests for information or comment by the FBI to media outlets, coordinate press conferences, draft press releases, and prepare materials for speeches by providing talking points to the Special Agent in Charge (SAC) of the Salt Lake City office. Responsibilities included organizing interviews with senior executives, managers and case/issue experts ands pending time with national, local and regional media reporters, producers and editors who cover the law enforcement beat and working with other law enforcement agency public information officers during joint operations. Expectations were that availability would be 24 hours a day to respond to breaking news or emergencies and to counterand quell the frequent airing of rumors or speculation. Under direct supervision of the Special Agent in Charge, keeping him apprised of major news/media events in the field office ensuring accuracy of information released to the press or news media. Coordinated directly with the FBI National Press Office and Office of Public Affairs at FBI headquarters to comply with on camera interview requests, issue written press releases on national matters and provide on-site assistance for major media events.


Extracurricular Certifications and Service: Served as an FBI Crisis/Hostage Negotiator for 12 years.Deployed internationally and also trained internationally in Spanish and various law enforcement agencies in crisis negotiations and during the 2002 Winter Olympics in Salt Lake City. Served 15 years as a certified FBI General Police instructor, teaching law enforcement agencies in Central and South America and throughout the Caribbean. Worked at U.S. Embassies in conjunction with the State Department INL programs.


As such, taught various subjects including but limited to kidnapping response, Investigations, crime scene management, white collar crime and fraud, violent crimes investigations, transnational ganginvestigations etc.


Served for 8 years as a member of the FBI Evidence Response Team (ERT), deployed to local, state and international crime scenes. Certified in Human Remains Recovery, Post bomb blast evidence recovery. Taught ERT schools internationally in Spanish in Latin America.


Served as a member of the San Juan Puerto Rico FBI SWAT team as an operator and tactical EMT. Served in the same capacity in the Salt Lake City Office. Was also deployedinternationallyintactical SWAT situations.


Experienced in working sophisticated investigative techniques including but not limited to Title III investigations including major Mexican Drug Trafficking Organizations, Foreign CounterIntelligenceInvestigations, terrorisminvestigations, etc..=


Bachelor Degree, August 1982 — August 1988
University of Utah

Bachelor Degree in Sociology and Certificate in Criminology from the University of Utah

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